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About Niazi Nizami Brothers

Qawwal Niazi Nizami Brothers. A child prodigy USTAD QADAR NIAZI is one of the foremost qawwali singer of the country as he has captivated both the styles of sufi astana Gayaki as well as the sufi tradition and also associated with the darbar of HAZRAT KHWAJA NIZAMUDDIN AULIYA MEHBOOB-E-ILAHI and HAZRAT KHWAJA AMEER KHUSROW (R.A). Trained initially by his late father the maestro USTAD INAM AHMED KHAN SAHEB. also known as MEHBOOB RAGI and QAWWALI SAMRAT. The honour was given to him by the president of India GYANI ZAIL SINGH. Carrying on the old musical legacy of his ancestors of the great HAPUR GHARANA who only of the stat wants in the musical contemporary to name a few are ustad kubre mohammed khan saheb, ustad shaadi khan saheb, ustad muraad khan saheb etc and were the past of the patronage of MUGHAL EMPROR BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR. This is been carried long by of 750 YEARS of musical journey. QADAR NIAZI has also groomed his sons HAIDER NIZAMI, HASAN NIZAMI, & IMRAN NIZAMI in the traditionalistic gayaki of his gharana repacticaly. Besides been an “A” grade artist of A.I.R new delhi India DOOR DARSHAN. he has many highly accomplish performance oddly In India in various music conferences and Events. Some of the famous institutions are sahitya kala parishad,urdu acadmy, spic macay, ICCR GOVERNMANT etc. A crudely acclaimed artist in the oversees he has visited many countries to name like USA, CANADA, UK, SCOTLAND, NEW ZELAND, SINGAPORE, the gulf including the holy place MAKKA and MADINA, OMAN, IRAN, IRAQ, TANZANIYA, SOUTH AFRICA, EAST AFRICA, and prasently in RUSIA. He also got the opportunity to sing in tele films like “JIYA” and “KANJOOS” he also rendered his voice in the film KHOSLA KA GHOSLA. He has been honoured by the chief minister SMT. SHEELA DIXIT. Having command in many languages he sings in PERSIEN, ARABIC, URDU, HINDI, PANJABI and many more.